TiVo Says Yahoo! Is Anybody Watching?

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TiVo Says Yahoo! Is Anybody Watching?

In the latest attempt to merge the two great entertainment spheres -- TV and the Internet --TiVo and Yahoo announced earlier today a new service that enables TiVo users to remotely program their digital video recorders using Yahoo's TV information web sites.  (We hope this does better than other previous ideas, like Microsoft's WebTV (now MSNTV) and America Online's AOLTV).

The service would also offer other Yahoo services like photos, traffic and weather.  TiVo is hoping it can keep new subscribers and win over more by increasing its offerings and making the service more convenient for users. 

Starting today, subscribers with a TiVo Series2 box and a standard Yahoo ID can log onto any  computer and use the Yahoo site to set TiVo to record TV programs and events.  Yahoo TV offers show times, program descriptions and cast photographs as well as exclusive content like information from the Entertainment Tonight TV program and Mark Burnett Productions, which produces The Apprentice.

Is the Telephone 'The Single Gadget'?

This deal is the latest development as companies increasing see the telephone as the key gadget that consumers favor to manage their digital lifestyle (see early "The Single Gadget" blog entry).  However, most people have no desire to watch TV on mobile phones, according to a survey of 1,500 British consumers by Entertainment Media Research.  Although 65% of those surveyed named the mobile phone their most desired gadget, 70% said they did not want to watch TV on their phones.

The demand was much greater for TV content on PCS rather than on mobile phones, with the computer often viewed as an additional TV set in the home.  Some 45% of consumers said they would watch TV on their home computer because it gave them choice -- what they want to when they want to watch it.  When watching TV, the survey revealed that 50%f of the respondents surf the Iinternet or send e-mails and more than 30% IM.

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