Your Personal Remote Control (Click) Arrives Today!

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Your Personal Remote Control (Click) Arrives Today!

Don't know why I'm so excited about this movie, but Click finally opens today in a movie theater near you. 

(Also don't believe I'm actually going to see it this afternoon as part of a birthday party celebration.)

Here's the plot summary (courtesy of Moviefone -- can't believe it's actually now AOL Moviefone ...):

Click focuses on a workaholic architect, Michael Newman, (Adam Sandler) who discovers a universal remote control which allows him to fast-forward and rewind through different parts of his life.

However, when the remote begins overriding his choices, life goes from calm to chaos overnight.

Will the funny scenes be:

  • Husband controlling wife
  • Husband controlling kid/s
  • Husband controlling pet (my guess is a dog)
  • None of the above

In parting, two final thoughts:

  • If you see it too, please vote ...
  • And if you had a remote control for your life, would you ever get off of the couch?

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