Interdigital lowers wireless interference

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Interdigital lowers wireless interference

As WiFi, 3G and other wireless devices become more prevalent, with more and more users added to the wireless highway - so does the congestion and interference from other wireless devices. Interdigital offers a "smart antenna" for various wireless standards that supposedly reduces interference, increases range, and reduces battery life drain of wireless devices.

Here's the release:

High performance products offer equipment manufacturers and semiconductor suppliers an extremely cost-effective solution for offering of differentiated wireless devices
Denver, Colorado, October 7, 2004. . . InterDigital Communications Corporation (Nasdaq: IDCC), a leading architect, designer and provider of wireless technology product platforms and product solutions, unveiled its initial Adaptive Interference Management (AIM) product suite at Antenna Systems 2004, a wireless industry conference focused on the latest technological advancements in antenna systems and short-range wireless technology.

InterDigital's AIM product suite includes AIM ANTENNA products for Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) and cellular devices. AIM ANTENNA is a high performance product that provides equipment manufacturers and semiconductor suppliers with a cost-effective smart antenna solution to differentiate their WLAN device offerings. The solution can be easily incorporated in client devices, including PC cards, USB sticks and dongles, as well as full integration in mobile devices. Incorporating proprietary smart antenna technologies, AIM ANTENNA is designed to significantly reduce wireless interference, enhance network capacity and coverage, deliver higher average data rates and extend battery life – all of which contribute to a higher quality of service experience for both business users and consumers.

Applicable to 2G, 2.5G and 3G cellular terminals and WLAN devices, the proprietary AIM ANTENNA product solutions include patented antenna designs and patented antenna steering software. Using a high gain steerable beam, InterDigital's AIM ANTENNA products significantly enhance signal quality by allowing terminal devices to transmit and receive signals directionally, toward the desired signal and away from interference.

"InterDigital's AIM ANTENNA products are a very cost-effective differentiator for Wireless Local Area Network devices," stated Mark Lemmo, Senior Business Development Officer. "They substantially improve performance of WLAN devices in home and office settings, where interference, signal fading and poor quality of service are very real problems.

"The AIM ANTENNA solution for WLAN devices has generated strong results in field tests showing substantial performance improvements. In a crowded wireless indoor environment where coverage holes frequently exist, AIM ANTENNA products can typically eliminate fade situations with demonstrated throughput rate increases of more than 100 percent. Field tests conducted at the outer edge of the access point coverage area have also shown performance improvements greater than 80 percent," concluded Mr. Lemmo.

The AIM ANTENNA solutions are easy to implement, offering equipment manufacturers and semiconductor suppliers a strong competitive advantage. The software-based algorithms require no new processing hardware. Antenna designs are available for integration into existing WLAN access point and client devices. AIM ANTENNA technologies for cellular devices are in active development for future offering as part of the Company’s family of Adaptive Interference Management products.

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