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Disqus Down

Tried to post a comment on a TMC blog but it appears Disqus is down. In the field where I would type my comment was the Disqus logo. I then tried to moderate a comment from the Dashboard and got this:

By the way, "Sorry, we're undergoing temporarily maintenance." isn't proper grammar. Should be 'temporary maintenance". Reminds me of Back to the Future where Biff says "Make like a tree and get outta here." Old Biff responds "It's 'leave', you idiot! Make like a tree, and leave. You sound like a damn fool when you say it wrong."

Anyway, not sure how long the outage will be. Putting aside the grammatically incorrect message, there is no additional info. Popular sites like Engadget and Techcrunch use Disqus, so their users aren't going to be happy. There are some irate Disqus users over on the Twitter stream worth checking out.

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