UM Labs Brings 256-bit AES Secure VoIP to Mobile Phones

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UM Labs Brings 256-bit AES Secure VoIP to Mobile Phones

um-labs-ltd-logo.jpgI met with Mike Wilson, VP of Sales & Marketing for UM Labs at ITEXPO today to learn more about their secure VoIP offering. At ITEXPO they announced their 1.5 release, which steps up interoperability amongst various IP-PBXS and now it works with Skype (Skype Connect).
Mike explained that a lot of independent dealers across the world who also use Skype, can now connect their PBXs to these Skype users and save a lot of money on conference calls. Their solution acts as the "glue" allowing Avaya to connect to Cisco, or Shoretel to Avaya, etc. They have a built-in scripting engine and can adjust paths between switch and trunking provider or two switches to ensure interoperability.

As part of this release they are stepping up encryption, which he claimed already had incredibly low latency. They now support 256-bit AES encryption from 128 bits. Further, they made it work on cell phones, such as Nokia. That's impressive considering you need a decent amount of HP to do 256-bit encryption, which the Symbian platform often doesn't have. Symbian users using a SIP softphone app can now make 256-bit encrypted calls, which Mike said is huge in the financial sector. He said they are porting over to iPhone as well.

Check out this brief video overview:
Update: Thought I'd share the news release they put out which has some good info:

Today from ITEXPO West 2010 in Los Angeles, UM Labs announced the availability of Product Release version 1.5 of its Enterprise SIP Controller.  UM Labs is a pioneer and leader in unified communications connectivity, manageability and security.

The Company provides a family of cost-effective SIP controllers that make connecting IP voice and other communications systems to the public Internet both easy and secure. UM Labs’ unique offerings maintain a significant competitive advantage over traditional session border controllers by being exceptionally cost effective, scalable, and user-friendly.

According to Mike Wilson, vice president of sales and marketing, UM Labs, “This release represents an important milestone on our roadmap towards UC simplicity by providing customers with an out-of-the-box capability to deploy, manage and secure reliable SIP connections between different IP PBXs and SIP trunk providers.”

“Our controller resolves most vendor specific SIP incompatibilities so that our customers gain maximum flexibility in selecting their VoIP infrastructure, and get up and running in hours, not days or weeks.  Release 1.5 also builds upon our leadership position in delivering high performance security and encryption solutions on multiple devices, including mobile phones. Organizations which have delayed the deployment of IP based voice or video applications due to concerns about complexity, security and quality should talk to us about our solutions,” added Mr. Wilson.

Advanced Features & Functionality included in this latest release include:

  • Skype Interoperability – The UM Labs SIP session controller has been fully tested with Skype for SIP and supports its full range of services. 1.5 can enable any SIP-capable PBX to connect to Skype for SIP Service.
  • New Option for REFER Processing (PBXs that use REFER to transfer calls have interoperability issues with SIP trunk providers). This release adds a second method to handle SIP REFER that is compatible with call recording systems.
  • New SIP Trunk Authentication option, enabling PBX’s that do not support SIP registration and authentication to connect to trunks that require it. This will improve security and significantly reduce the risk of toll fraud for SIP trunk connections.
  • Increase encryption strength for call encryption from 128-bit to 256-bit AES.
  • New scripting language support to map SIP requests. This will ensure interoperability between SIP trunks and any manufacturer’s product.
  • Enhanced SIP call routing options enabling calls to be routed to a secondary destination in the event of PBX failure. This ensures service continuity.
  • Enhanced call admission control and black listing, blocking the growing level of SIP probes seen on the Internet and used by attackers to identify targets.

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