Billionaire Gives Secrets to Startup Success

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Billionaire Gives Secrets to Startup Success


Sir Terry Matthews is a Welsh/Canadian high tech entrepreneur, and Wales's first billionaire. He has directly started 89 companies with an amazing 83 out of 89 success rate. It's an even more astounding fact when you consider that according to TMC's Peter Bernstein, 90% of startups fail. Terry has sold many of these companies for millions and even hundreds of millions of dollars. Terry Matthews keynoted the StartupCamp at ITEXPO in Miami and he was certainly the highlight speaker of entire the show. The audience loved him. The previous StartupCamp had Internet & Ethernet legend Bob Metcalfe, who also gave a phenomenal keynote. Not sure how StartupCamp6 can top these two speakers!

During Terry's keynote he gave his secrets to startup success. It involves young graduates and greying hair. A paradox you say? i-dont-know2Well, watch the video excerpt (not the full keynote) to learn his secrets to startup success.

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