ITEXPO in Austin, Texas - Business & Pleasure

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ITEXPO in Austin, Texas - Business & Pleasure

Rich Tehrani snapped some more photos in Austin, Texas (including some night life shots) and he writes:
The night life here in Austin is legendary with the huge emphasis on live bands. I had a chance to check some of the bands and crowds out last night. It reminded me a bit of Greenwich Village in New York actually. These bars will be a great place for networking next week at ITEXPO for sure. It also marks a sharp contrast to the nightlife in Los Angeles where ITEXPO was held last year. This city has a unique vibe which is difficult to describe.

I fly out on Monday for ITEXPO and am moderating a few panels as well as covering the news at the show.
Austin, Texas night life image via Rich Tehrani

What caught my eye was Rich's photo of a big slab of some sort of meat in front of a fire. smiley-surprised

Whatever that is, it looks delicious! Flame licked beef. Yum! I believe it's one of Fogo de Chão's steaks. Fogo de Chão is a Brazilian steakhouse. I may be going to ITEXPO for business, so this will be one my short list of pleasure detours. I'll have to see how this compares to Morton's.

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