ITEXPO Moves to Austin, Texas - The New Telecom Corridor

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ITEXPO Moves to Austin, Texas - The New Telecom Corridor

itexpo-logo.jpgITEXPO West moves from Los Angeles, California to Austin, Texas taking place September 13-15th 2011. This is a big move on TMC's part since ITEXPO has been in L.A. for many years.  Launched in 1999, ITEXPO is the world's largest and longest-running B-to-B communications and technology conference. ITEXPO was originally launched in San Diego, CA at the famed Hotel Del Coronado. However, ITEXPO outgrew the hotel, moved to Long Beach and eventually to the Los Angeles Convention Center. Austin, Texas is a perfect location since it is near the famed Telecom Corridor (Richardson, Texas) with over 600 telecom companies. Technically, Richardson is a shuttle flight away from Austin, Texas (Texas is a big state after all). However, according to the Dallas Morning News:
Telecommunications workers have found that there's another telecom corridor besides the one in Richardson -- it's in Austin along Interstate 35, the highway that connects the capital city with Dallas-Fort Worth.Companies that specialize in the software side of telecommunications have popped up in the Austin area the last two years, drawn to the location because of its reputation as a haven for start-up companies and its wealth of engineers.Some Austin telecom firms have drawn talent away from Richardson, where the U.S. headquarters of major telecom players Ericsson Inc. and Nortel Networks, among others, have created the Dallas suburb's reputation as a mecca for telecom companies.
Through organic growth, substantial vendor support, and the addition of related, collocated conferences, the 22nd (West 2010) and 23rd (East 2011) editions of ITEXPO are the best-attended events since the show's inception. By relocating the West 2011 conference to Austin, TMC expects the event to continue its growth in this fast-growing technology hub.

Rich Tehrani said, "It should come as no surprise that with less regulation, fees and taxes, the business-friendly Lone Star State is doing far better than California in terms of business growth and unemployment rates and although I look forward to bringing more events to California in the future, it is worth noting that show organizers want to host conferences in cities and states where the politicians create the most favorable business climate."
According to the American Cities Business Journals, Austin is the seventh-ranked technology center in America. The city is also ranked first in job-growth, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.
"We're excited to bring ITEXPO and its collocated events to Austin, and we are certain our attendees will enjoy the venue, the hotels, the dining and entertainment, and of course, the extraordinary content featured in ITEXPO programs," said Rich Tehrani, CEO and conference chairman for TMC.
"The density of high-tech companies throughout Texas as well as the positive response from many industry participants made the decision to come to Austin an easy one. We look forward to seeing the communications and tech industries gather with their potential customers this fall," added Tehrani.
The Austin Convention Center is a world-class facility, with state-of-the-art communications capabilities. TMC has arranged for all ITEXPO participants to enjoy free, fast WiFi connections throughout the center's massive network, capable of serving 5,800 simultaneous users. There are more than 6,000 downtown hotel rooms within walking distance to the convention center. Located 15 minutes from the airport, every major U.S. Airline provides non-stop flights to Austin, from virtually every major U.S. city. 
With more than 120 restaurants in downtown Austin, the city offers a wide range of award-winning culinary options. And Austin is considered by many to be the live music capital of the world, with more than 200 live music venues in the downtown area.

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