Ken Jennings Jeopardy run

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Ken Jennings Jeopardy run

I just thought I would share a couple of links about Ken Jennings amazing run on Jeopardy. This man's trivia knowledge is incredible and he has puts my trivia knowledge to shame.

The cult of Ken Jennings (

How I defeated the seemingly unbeatable Ken Jennings

First we had Michael Jordan who was a cut above anyone else. Sure I could thow on my sneakers and have a playground game with some friends, but I had no illusions of being in the same league as MJ.

This year we had Lance Armstrong, once again, a cut above every one else. I used to have a paper route and rode a 10 speed faster and better than anyone on my block, but once again Lance can ride circles around me even in my heyday.

But at least I could hold onto the knowledge that my brain was filled with more useless trivia than most people. At least I could consider myself better than most people at trivia. However, Ken Jennings has smashed my misconceived notions to smithereens. I am not worthy...

Time to tune into some other show where I can imagine I'm better, stronger, more handsome, or smarter than the contestants. Maybe I'll watch Extreme Makeover instead...

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