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My How Far Asterisk has Come!

March 1, 2010

I just wrote about Bill Miller leaving Digium and how Bill was one of the important faces at Digium and the VoIP industry as a whole. What I wrote at the end of the article got me thinking about the VoIP industry:

I hope this [important people leaving VoIP industry] isn't the start of a trend. But if it is, this just goes to show you that the VoIP industry is constantly evolving and perhaps new blood will be a good thing. It's easy to get sentimental when people I've worked with for years leave an industry I love.

Asterisk started in late 2001.

Rock Out to the Asterisk Song

January 26, 2010

GM Voices, creator of professional voice prompts for companies has just released "The Asterisk Song" with patriotic Asterisk lyrics such as "It ain't no punctuation." For true Asterisk patriots, "asterisk" aka "*" can not be used in a sentence unless it has something to do with the open source Asterisk platform. Sure an "asterisk" is used to reference a footnote at the bottom of the page, but it's just a tiny "asterisk" in superscript form. There is only one "big" Asterisk and it looks like this:

Asterisk, the open source platform (as if I had to clarify) has changed the entire lexicon of how this word is used. It has taken over Shift-8 on the keyboard.

AstriCon Asterisk Conference Soon

September 18, 2009

After ITEXPO's resounding success in Los Angeles (over 6,000 attendees), we can definitively say VoIP hasn't been as badly affected as other industry sectors within the U.S. economy. In just about 3 weeks, we can confirm this is true with the big AstriCon event held at the Renaissance Glendale Hotel & Spa in Glendale, Arizona. TMC's Internet Telephony Magazine is a media sponsor for the event.

Skype for Asterisk Launches

September 1, 2009

At TMC's ITEXPO, Digium and Skype announced the official launch of Skype for Asterisk, which was launched as a closed beta back in September 2008. Well, now anyone can now download Skype for Asterisk and make & receive low-cost calls leveraging Skype.

According to Digium, "Now businesses can take advantage of Skype's low-cost calling to landlines and mobile phones and free calling to more than 400 million registered Skype users around the world. Skype for Asterisk allows businesses to access the world's largest community of people communicating over the Internet, natively encrypts all voice calls and lets companies manage their Skype user accounts via Skype's Web-based Business Control Panel. Businesses already using an Asterisk-based phone system can add Skype as another complementary form of communications by downloading Skype for Asterisk, without additional costly hardware.

Asterisk Training Courses at ITEXPO

August 17, 2009

Can you believe ITEXPO is just two weeks away? It's also almost September. Where did the Summer go?

ITEXPO, the #1 VoIP conference in the U.S., has several educational tracks you might be interested in checking out.

D2 Technologies Showcases its mCUE Converged Communications Client with Embedded VoIP for Android at OESF Japan

July 28, 2009

Some interesting news from D2 Technologies about them showcasing their mCUE™ converged communications client with embedded VoIP for Android at OESF Japan. I should point out that D2's mCUE mobile convergence software solution combines a communications user interface with the company's vPort MP VoIP software platform and is targeted towards OEMs and service providers to help deliver integrated Fixed Mobile Convergence (FMC) and Unified Communications (UC) functionality.

At OESF they will demo how mCUE can enable VoIP, video chat and other IP communications capabilities in stationary Android-based embedded equipment and consumer electronics devices. With mCUE, these devices can offer premium multi-service unified communications capabilities and deliver simultaneous interoperability with any communication service provider, Instant Messaging (IM) community or social networking platform. All popular communication modes are converged to a single communications user interface (UI), including circuit switched voice (PSTN or cellular), VoIP, Instant Messaging (IM), SMS and video chat.

Full release after the jump...

Elektrobit MID Reference Design Aims to put Linux Desktop apps + Smartphone in your pocket

June 12, 2009

Smartphones, netbooks, smartbooks, and Mobile Internet Devices (MIDs) while very similar feature-wise, each has their own distinct advantages. Smartphones such as the iPhone have been widely successful, while the MID market has been a bit slow to take off. Elektrobit Corporation (EB), based in Oulu, Finland aims to change that with their new MID reference design that combines the "pocketability" of smartphones with the power of PCs/netbooks since it can run desktop Linux applications. Picture an iPhone that can actually run full version Linux applications such as Firefox, Opera, OpenOffice, Thunderbird, SSH client, and more.

Using monit Tool to Monitor Asterisk

April 17, 2009

Your IP-PBX is one of the most critical pieces of corporate infrastructure. It cannot afford any downtime, which is why the fives 9's (99.999%) of reliability was coined. While Asterisk is a pretty stable open source IP-PBX platform, it it still in its infancy, so it hasn't had the same time that the old 'Big Iron PBXs' have had to reach five 9s of reliability. Then again, many traditional PBX manufacturers have abandoned 100% proprietary hardware and use many of the same standard off the shelf components that are in Asterisk, including motherboards, memory, processors, etc.

AsteriskNOW 1.5.0 Released

April 1, 2009

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