TurboUSB Fastest USB memory?

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TurboUSB Fastest USB memory?

TurboUSB SHD-U32GS USB memory
USB memory sticks are more common than President Bush bashing. (exit polling had it as a close call though) Today, yet another USB memory stick launched - the Buffalo SHD-U32GS TurboUSB USB memory stick. Now before you start ho-humming or poo-poohing this as just another USB memory stuck, hear me out. The Buffalo SHD-U32GS TurboUSB features a whopping 32GB of storage and they claim this is the fastest USB memory stick on the market by a clear 20% margin, allowing you to quickly transfer your precious photos, mp3 files, and other large files very quickly.

20% performance over competing memory sticks makes me a bit skeptical, but maybe because this improvement came from Buffalo and not a bigger name like Sandisk or IBM. But assuming the claims are true, with the time you save, you can go back to your regularly scheduled program of Bush-bashing, Hillary Clinton hating, etc. etc. Or just take a break from the political bashing and spends some time playing with your kids this holiday season - or at least playing with whatever holiday gadgetry you get for Christmas.

[Via Akihabara News]

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