DVRMSToolbox For Vista Released

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DVRMSToolbox For Vista Released

DVRMSToolbox For Vista was just released. DVRMSToolbox is a very cool video converter utility for converting TV programs (in Microsoft DVR-MS format) on your Vista PC to .wmv for playback on the Zune video player. Even cooler it can auto-detect and strip out the commercials. With the proper profile setting it converts to a .wmv file with the proper settings such that the Zune software doesn't need to transcode the .wmv video file again (time-consuming). There's also a Windows XP version available that runs on Windows MCE 2005, the first version of Windows with Media Center Edition (MCE) built-in for capturing & playing bck TV programs, but that version is a little older. Looks like Vista is getting priority in development.

Relatedly, ZuneTVWatcher is another cool of software that also automatically converts DVD-MS and removes commericals and it sets the correct meta tags (TV, movies, etc). Encode360 is one of my favorite utilities for converting videos. I can rip a DVD into a single .VOB file and then use Encode360 to convert the .vob file to .wmv (with Zune bitrate settings) so I can sync it to my Zune. One final cool utility is dCut which lets you manually cut out commercials using the MCE remote control and then compress the DVD-MS format to .wmv, which can also have a profile set to download to a Zune.

Anyway, here's what's new in the latest version of DVRMSToolbox:

Along with the new features in bold below, a regression bug was fixed when writing meta data.

- Key handling is only triggered while recorded tv is played back.  Should address sluggish UI issues.
- More attempts to detect playing file are made before giving up
- Addin will fall back to using Restart Manager if unable to detect the file using prefered method
- Changed wording on file can't be detected message to be more accurate given new detection method
- Waiting to process messages more descriptive
- Status writing is more timely
- Fixed a problem with DVR2WMV usage, should [finally] resolve hanging issues
- Added reprocess functionality to the addin (press 4 on the remote)
- Fixed meta data not available during recording issue
- Added FileName to meta data returned, will not be persisted in file
- Removed dependancy on Toub dll
- Removed m71 support
- Migrated all DirectShow code to use DirectShow.Net interfaces
- Fixed lost status messages when process ends quickly
- FindCommercials action waits one minute before scanning file.  
- Added ChangeRecordedDate action to MceActions.  Action sets record date to original air date; useful for series recordings on "Marathon" showings
- Added ChangeMCMetaData action to MceActions.  Alters meta data used by MC to display runtime slider none destructively (i.e. doesn't alter tracking ids); hopefully will allow spliced shows to be managed as series by MC for recording limits.
- OOTB mpeg "conversion" using DShow method deprecated
- Comskip 0.79.113 included and configured for live detection
- Added FixDvrmsDuration action
- Added resolution meta data attributes

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