Finally! New Windows Mobile App AudioRoute Enables Earpiece for VoIP Apps

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Finally! New Windows Mobile App AudioRoute Enables Earpiece for VoIP Apps

audioroute-windows-mobile-12020.jpg Finally a software tool called AudioRoute that can be used to route Windows Mobile audio from the earpiece speaker to the backspeaker and vice-versa. This is especially needed for VoIP applications on Windows Mobile phones.

I've tested several VoIP apps (SIP clients, Skype, etc.) on my Windows Mobile XV6700 phone and other Windows Mobiles and from what I understand the carrier forced the hardware manufacturers to block VoIP applications from using the earpiece for listening to the remote caller. You couldn't even use speakerphone. Instead, you were forced to use the backspeaker, a tiny low-quality speaker located on the back of the phone, which made phone quality horrendous when making VoIP calls. I'd have to flip the phone over when the person was talking due to low volume & quality, and then flip it back over to talk into the microphone. It was all but unusable.

Well glory glory hallelujah! I never thought the day would come when someone would come up with a solution. According to Teksoft, "After several years of tests and many questions in the development forum, we've finally did it: a tool to route the audio to the earpiece speaker is available, and we've released it as freeware." Woohoo! Now I can register my SIP client on my Windows Mobile to my Asterisk-based IP-PBX and make/receive VoIP calls.

  • Routes the audio output to earpiece or backspeaker
  • VoIP compatible
  • Easy to use User Interface
  • Command line support
  • Uses Teksoft's DynRIL library
It's compatible with Pocket PC and Smartphone Windows Mobile 5.0 / WM6.0 and above

Usage (via forums)
Install the CAB and use the titlebar icon to open the user interface.

The first icon routes the audio to the earpiece speaker.
The second blue icon, can be used to route the audio to the backspeaker.
The orange icon, routes the audio to the speakerphone, while in a phone call.
You can also use the bottom slider to move the taskbar icon, or the about button to show this page.
The top-right square hides the user interface.

Command line
This tool can be executed by command line with parameters.
You can execute /program files/teksoft/audioRoute/audioRoute.exe with the following:
-earpiece , routes the audio to the earpiece
-backspeaker , routes the audio to the backspeaker
-speakerphone , while in a phone call, activates the speakerphone
-switch , toggles between earpiece and backspeaker

 audioroute.exe -earpiece
 audioroute.exe -backspeaker

The CAB file is available in the freeware section of, direct link here.

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