Microsoft and MCI team up on VoIP

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Microsoft and MCI team up on VoIP

According to TheVoIPWeblog which received a tip regarding Overdo's Land of Nothingness blog entry, Microsoft is planning on using MCI for VoIP termination.

TheVoIPWeblog writes, "According to a tipster, Microsoft will soon be announcing that it has contracted MCI to provide outbound PSTN calling for click-to-call applications and for Live Messenger. This would provide outbound dialing capability a la SkypeOut. Hit the link for the tip-off."

You can read more about Microsoft offering PSTN termination here on the Microsoft Live site.

It still remains to be seen how successful Microsoft will be at convincing users to make VoIP to PSTN calls. After all, they failed with Microsoft NetMeeting and they failed with Windows/MSN Messenger to attain a critical mass of users terminating to the PSTN. And then Skype came along and really put the final nail in the coffin of both Netmeeting and MSN Messenger - as it pertains to VoIP-to-VoIP and VoIP-to-PSTN calling.

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