Search text in multiple files using Windows Grep

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Search text in multiple files using Windows Grep

windows-grep.png Windows Grep searches user-defined files and folders with for text or regular expressions, giving you powerful and fast search results. I use Linux all the time and the "grep" command is one of the most powerful Linux commands, so I was excited to hear about Windows Grep.

According to LifeHacker, "Windows Grep's search is quick and far more powerful than a simple Google Desktop or Windows Explorer folder search, with lightning fast results and an option for previewing the matching text and optionally the lines surrounding the text to give you an idea of context." Windows Grep search works on plain text files, binary files and can even search within zip archives. Windows Grep can also perform a find and replace on the text. Windows Grep is free to download (it asks for a registration after 30 days but never requires one). Get it here: WinGrep [via Mike Duncan]

Source: LifeHacker

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