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VoIP using Microsoft Silverlight

VoIP using Microsoft Silverlight has just been accomplished for the very first time. I'm pretty busy at ITEXPO so I don't have time to test this, but wanted to share an email that Founder & CEO of TringMe, Yusuf Motiwala sent me. Apparently, he had to utilize a workaround to get around the lack of mic support in Silverlight.

Email from Yusaf:

Just wanted to let you know about a first ever demonstration of VoIP/Telephony over Microsoft Silverlight platform at:


It demonstrates the ability to make a call directly from the Microsoft Silverlight applications. To try it out, just enter a phone number and click on "Call Now" button. Since this is a demo, the call will automatically be disconnected in 30 seconds. You can verify this to be a Microsoft Silverlight Widget by right-clicking on the widget.

Supporting VoIP over Silverlight required us to employ a neat little trick due to the current limitation of Silverlight - Silverlight does not provide access to the microphone. The trick was to use a backdoor flash widget to access the microphone.

So, although from a purist point of view, this may not be entirely done in Silverlight, nevertheless, it does opens the VoIP door to millions of Silverlight developers. There are silverlight developers who like to create telephony applications but due to the Silverlight limitation, it wasn't possible so far. However, with this, they can now easily integrate telephony functionality in their Silverlight applications.

Even though it uses flash on backdrop, Silverlight developers does not need to worry about it. All they have to do is to include a javascript in their HTML code which hosts their silverlight widget and call.

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