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Windows Live LifeCams HD Cameras

lifecamMicrosoft will soon rollout Windows Live LifeCams, their new High Definition (HD) set of webcams. This series of web cameras will feature high definition still shots on all models and high definition video on some. They will also include software called "LifeCam Dashboard."

There are two models of the LifeCams slated for release this summer, with two more to follow in Fall '06.

- 640x480 resolution video
- WL Messenger integration
- "Exclusive Call Button"
- One touch Spaces blogging
- HD Stills: 1.3 megapixels
- Universal mounting device
- On the fly video effects
- Pan/Zoom/Tilt capabilities
- Automatic face tracking
- Built-in microphone

Estimated cost: $49.95 USD

The VX-3000 is the low-end cam that still offers HD pictures.

- HD Stills: 5.0 MP
- HD Video: 1.3 MP
- Wide angle lens
- 3x Digital Zoom
- Plus all of the features of the VX-3000

Estimated cost: $99.95 USD

The VX-6000 is the high-end desktop webcam featuring 1.3MP HD Video.

Considering Hollywood actors are worried about high-definition video displaying skin problems, I have to wonder how successful HD webcams will be. My guess is mostly men will want it since it's the latest and greatest gadget and tend to not care so much about their looks. Maybe Microsoft will offer a software-based "soft-lens" filter effect similar to the physical soft-lens they use on soap operas. I suppose the camera driver will probably allow you to reduce the resolution as well.

Hat tip to LiveSide

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