Windows Mobile 6.1 Update

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Windows Mobile 6.1 Update

Microsoft has announced plans to rollout an updated version of its Windows Mobile platform called Windows Mobile 6.1. The new updates include enhancements to existing features as well as some new ones. Features include e-mail, Web-access, instant messaging, traffic updates, photo capabilities, music and the ability to edit documents. One nice feature is a new zoom capability that lets you view an entire Web page or picture and zoom in up on a portion of a page. The new IE Mobile browser should help Microsoft compete with the "wow" factor of browsing on the Apple iPhone.

It also features a new Getting Started Center designed to make it a snap to set up e-mail, Bluetooth devices, and Wi-Fi. Other major enhancements include Adobe Flash Support, H.264, and Silverlight support, as well as a new camera interface. You'll now be able to play YouTube videos (Flash).

Lastly, they added the Microsoft Live search engine. Whoopie. Microsoft stated the updated software is scheduled to be available in late spring of 2008. The update announcement was made during the CTIA convention in Las Vegas.

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