XBox 360 causes record sick days?

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XBox 360 causes record sick days?

I noticed traffic was noticeably lighter this morning and it got me thinking if all the lucky new XBox 360 owners stayed up all night long playing with their Xbox 360s and therefore decided to call in sick due to 'tiredness'. Ahh yes, "all-night gaming" - I miss those days, but alas I'm too old to pull all-nighters.

I think we need to commission In-Stat, the Yankee Group or Gartner to do some research to determine if November 22nd was a record "sick day" world-wide. I also read some stories this morning about people in lines telling the reporters that they planned on staying up all night long to play XBox. I think I'll go around TMC's offices and do a head count to see if anyone isn't here. There might be a good possibility at least one of them stood in line and got an XBox 360. Well, at least most colleges are off this week for the Thanksgiving break or the professors might be teaching to empty classrooms! ;)

Of course, the lighter traffic could simply be people taking off this week for the Thanksgiving holiday. Nah! Must be the XBox 360!

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