XBox 360 Final Countdown

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XBox 360 Final Countdown

The final countdown for the Microsoft XBox 360 launch has begun. Several retailers will be opening their doors at 12:01am to get your hands on the hottest thing for Christmas this year. Not sure how many Xbox 360's your local Best Buy will have available? Well, this site uses Google Maps to locate how many XBox 360's your local Best Buy has and it even breaks it down by premium vs. core model. I'd be curious how this website got access to Best Buy's inventory data. Was this a sanctioned website by Best Buy or did some employee post this info without permission?

In any event, the search doesn't work for all zipcodes, but it worked for my zipcode revealing 42 premium XBox 360's and 12 core XBox 360's at the closest Best Buy. (54 total). Too bad the site doesn't do Walmart, Circuit City, and CompUSA as well.

At least now I can decide if I am the 55th person in line at my local Best Buy to turn around and go home. Actually, I think I am going to hold off on getting one. Maybe 1st quarter next year I'll get one. Or if I do pick one up it will be to resell it to some family or friends that may want it. So the $700 hit on my wallet (if I get all the accessories I want) will be merely temporary and I can play with it for a week or two.

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