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XBox Live Diamond Card

We all know Microsoft is positioning the Xbox 360 as the central hub combining games, home entertainment and lifestyle, but today Microsoft took it to a whole other level by offering their Xbox Live Diamond card "perks card" for all Xbox Live members. I just got the email at 6pm last night. Best of all, it's free to get one if you are an Xbox Live member. Won't be long now before Microsoft offers a credit card I suppose, especially considering their rival Sony already offers a SonyStyle credit card, and in fact I already own one. Used the Sony points to buy a Sony VAIO PC running Microsoft Windows MCE 2005.

Here's the info from Microsoft's site on the Xbox Live Diamond Card:

Calling all Xbox Live gamers! You're about to experience a whole new level in entertainment. Yes, we're talking about the launch of Xbox 360, but we're also talking about the brand new-and free-Xbox Live Diamond Card, an unprecedented merger of your entertainment activities, online and off. Never heard of it? Well, here's what you're in for:

  • Your own card: Did you sign up for a digital gamer card on Of course you did. Now, how about a real, live, flash-it-to-your-friends card personalized with your gamertag? Ask no more! The Xbox Live Diamond Card is here.
  • That's not all: The card does much more. Xbox Live has partnered with your favorite stores, restaurants, and other retailers across the country for discounts and promotions exclusively for Xbox Live Diamond Card program members.*
  • It gets even better: Xbox Live isn't going to sit still, either. We'll continue to bring you new partners and more opportunities to use your Diamond Card.
  • The best part: The Xbox Live Diamond Card is free! It's our big thank you to our most loyal Xbox Live subscribers.
The Details
Who's partnering with Xbox Live to bring you special Diamond card offers? How about Ticketmaster, Cambridge Soundworks, Timberland, McDonald's, and hundreds more? Thought that would get your attention.

In order to send you your card, Xbox Live needs your current mailing address. Make sure you update your profile with your current information.

Ready to get your card? Get started now.

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