Intellisync introduces mobile IM for Symbian phones

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Intellisync introduces mobile IM for Symbian phones

Intellisync, a leader in platform-independent wireless messaging and mobile sychronization software, emphasized its commitment to Symbian OS today, by announcing the availability of Intellisync Instant Messaging, a leading wireless corporate instant messaging (IM) solution for Symbian OS smartphone users, such as the new Nokia phones announced today. The solution is being demonstrated this week in booth # 18 at The Smartphone Show 2005 in the ExCeL Centre in London.

According to the Intellisync, "Symbian OS is the global industry standard operating system for smartphones, and is licensed to the world's leading handset manufacturers, which account for over 85 per cent of annual worldwide mobile phone sales. In the first half of 2005, more than 14.5 million Symbian OS-based mobile phones were sold worldwide to over 200 network operators, taking the installed base of Symbian OS phones to more than 39 million. According to IDC forecasts, by 2009, Symbian will control 59.4% of the worldwide converged mobile device market."

“We are very pleased that Intellisync is bringing its ‘always-on’ mobile IM solution to Symbian OS smartphones,” said Simon Garth, vice president, marketing, Symbian Ltd. “Intellisync’s secure and flexible IM solution adds an easy and efficient way of improving business user productivity both in, and away, from the office.”

Their news release states:

Intellisync IM, is a proven, integrated IM solution that provides an IM-on-PC-like experience for Symbian mobile device users, both in the familiar user interface and real-time exchange of IM as well as exchange of content such as pictures, appointments, documents, spreadsheets, vCards, etc. The non-restrictive, secure, integrated, “always-on” IM sessions with presence indication, trendy look and feel, and the dialog interface, promote frequent and extensive usage of corporate IM, taking business communications to a new level, extending it beyond the traditional confines of the workplace and physical borders of enterprise networks. Intellisync IM can be deployed on any Symbian OS phone.

With Intellisync IM on their devices, users can experience the world’s best and most secure multi-headed IM experience. With enterprises embracing IM as an important productivity tool, IT administrators are faced with the challenges of extending the reach of a flexible and secure IM client to the growing number of mobile professionals within an enterprise. Administrators can host the secure Intellisync IM server over their corporate network in order to provide enterprise users with secure, always-on, wireless access to the enterprise’s Microsoft Live Communications Server or Jabber installation, and to popular public IM networks. The Intellisync IM Enterprise Server, hosted on the corporate network, provides an IM gateway to not only Symbian-based devices but other OS-based mobile devices as well. In combination with Intellisync’s secure device management solution, IT administrators can now ensure that devices are protected against unauthorized access or data misuse.

Once limited to desktops, instant messaging systems are finding their way onto handheld devices and cell phones, allowing users to chat from virtually anywhere. In fact, some analysts project wireless instant messaging to be the biggest driver of mobile messaging growth. According to the latest figures from In-Stat, mobile IM is expected to help mobile messaging revenues grow six-fold between 2007 and 2009 and much of this growth will be driven by corporate users. IDC forecasts the worldwide enterprise instant messaging market -- which includes instant messaging server products as well as enterprise instant messaging security, compliance, and management products -- to grow from $315 million in 2005 to $736 million in 2009.

"With more than 28 million business users worldwide sending nearly 1 billion messages each day in 2005, enterprise instant messaging (EIM) is clearly reaching more mainstream users. Especially in compliance-driven sectors such as Wall Street, financial services, and government, IM is a critical differentiator. In the next few years, IDC expects IM — once the plaything of teenagers — to continue to grow into its role as a substantial business collaboration application," says Robert P. Mahowald, IDC program director, Collaborative Computing.

“Public IM services, which are easy and effective for home use, are worrisome for enterprise IT,” said Gaurav Banga, vice president of real-time messaging at Intellisync. “Even if an organization can live without centrally administered buddy lists, public IM can open up dangerous security holes in a corporate network, especially when deployed on mobile devices. Because message traffic is sent unencrypted, public systems can be hacked, identities can be spoofed, and conversations can be intercepted by packet-sniffing worms. Carriers that want to increase ARPU (average revenue per user) and deploy profitable IM services for their customers, and companies that want both IM and secure wireless communications should consider using what we believe to be the best integrated mobile IM solution in the world, Intellisync IM, with the security, interoperability, reliability and stability that carriers and large enterprises require from a mobile IM solution.”

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