Blackberry Woes Lead to Treo Nod

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Blackberry Woes Lead to Treo Nod

Yesterday, I wrote about Blackberry's woes (and the pending woes of all of its many users) based on its unsettled lawsuit of its parent, Research in Motion, with NTP.

Well, that situation made it clear to me that the way to go with my next phone was the Treo 650 from Palm, rather than a Blackberry (it was one of those back-and-forth decision-making processes). It also made it easier since I've used a Treo 600 for the past two years. (I really do like having all of my gadgets in an all-in-one device.)

Once I get the new phone up and running, I'll take a look at how the 650 compares to the 600 -- it's very similar, but different, with a lot more going on under the hood.

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