Cross Platform Mobile Game Playing Now Here

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Cross Platform Mobile Game Playing Now Here

iphone-ingame.pngBringing another piece of the mobile future to today, Social Line Connect is a simple iPhone game with a cross-platform backbone.

The free app, which looks similar to Connect Four, was added to the App Store over the weekend.

The real point of the no-frills game is playing it with friends -- even if they don't own an iPhone. To that end, it's a also proof-of-concept title for SocialDeck, a new middleware startup that's created a server architecture for people to play games across several platforms.

Based on the premise that "social interaction is much more important than the actual game play," SocialDeck's games can be played between people using an iPhone and on the web via Facebook, with a Blackberry version said to be on the way as well.

More at GigaOM.


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