D2 Technologies mCUE mobile convergence softphone launches

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D2 Technologies mCUE mobile convergence softphone launches

mCUED2 Technologies today released at CES what they claim is the industry’s first embedded mobile convergence software solution for dual-mode phones.  D2’s mCUE mobile convergence software solution combines a communications user interface with the company’s vPort MP VoIP software platform and is targeted towards OEMs and service providers to help deliver integrated Fixed Mobile Convergence (FMC) and Unified Communications (UC) functionality.

mCUE provides a complete embedded software framework for multi-mode mobile handsets for enterprise and consumer use, such as dual-mode cellular plus Wi-Fi phones. Its completely Java-based user interface framework for Linux can be ported to other GUI platforms.

“mCUE revolutionizes mobile communications by tying together the best aspects of PC-based communications, such as VoIP, instant messaging and presence support, with the roaming benefits of mobile cellular and connection speed and quality of in-building wireless,” said Doug Makishima, vice president of marketing at D2 Technologies. “It is a complete turnkey solution for multi-mode mobile communication devices.”

mCUE is interoperable with enterprise IP-PBXs and UC systems as well as service provider networks. Further, mCUE provides enterprise users with mobile access to full directory services, extension calling, corporate IM, and other features typically only available on IP desk phones or PC-based soft phones.

The user interface is built on top of a multi-identity, multi-session, multi-protocol engine, enables users to simultaneously log into multiple different communications services such as SIP, Google Talk, Yahoo!, MSN, AIM, and others.

The user interface offers presence functionality, push-to-X control over all types of sessions including voice, IM, SMS, and e-mail messaging. It includes an innovative presence-based converged contact list for all services and tools for managing multiple accounts, services and networks.

mCUE utilizes D2’s Internet Service Interface (ISI) layer, an interface that enables multiple IM, VoIP and e-mail services as well as concurrent sessions. It can be customized to meet specific OEM application requirements and can be rebranded by service providers looking for revenue enhancing customer opportunities.

D2’s vPort MP VoIP software engine gives mCUE seamless FMC mobility through IMS-SIP and VCC functionality. D2 technologies espouses their extensive experience in embedded VoIP solutions, IP communications, and Java device platforms, and claims they will provide core communications solutions for Google Android, Linux communications platforms, and other OS platforms used in mobile devices.

In addition to Linux, vPort has been ported to a number of other OSs and RTOSs, and will be available on Windows Mobile in the near future.

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