Files2Phones + Apple iPhone = Remote Access to your Files

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Files2Phones + Apple iPhone = Remote Access to your Files

1st Works Corp. plans to announce a product for the Apple iPhone that enables remote access to your desktop files from the iPhone. Called Files2Phones, it's a web-based application that displays on an iPhone the contents of files on remote PCs.  Word documents, PowerPoint presentations, AutoCAD drawings - or any files that can be opened on the user's PC can be viewed remotely on the iPhone. Users simply drag and drop the local files into public or private password-protected folders on a Windows PC. According to 1stWorks, Files2Phones delivers password protected, time constrained, on demand access to the file system on any computer from any authorized PC, PDA, smartphone or WAP enabled cell phone with a browser.

According to their website, here's how it works:
  • The first icon launches the application on the remote machine and displays the image locally as a jpg. It also provides page segmentation as a separate function from integrated smart phone zoom, so if that function is not available on the particular device you are using, you can select any particular segment of the image for local display.
  • The second icon displays information about the file, its creation date, file size, etc, for confirmation before download that this is the correct file you wish to retrieve.
  • The third icon downloads the file from the remote machine for local execution if you have the application locally and then displays the results on your cell phone. Simple examples include .doc and .xls files, but the same technique can extend the possibilities to custom corporate applications
  • All download activity is written to a local log file on the desktop computer identifying the file name, the date and time stamp, the action as well as the requesting IP address and port details.
  • You will also appreciate that the public directory feature for file content combined with the virtual DNS also constitutes a full html blog hosted on your own system, no hosting fees unless the Internet Service Provider wants to charge for this feature. We have all the software to support that functionality.
Now if only the iPhone had a true VoIP client (not a Skype workaround), then life would be good.

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