Image Sync'ing All Your Gadgets?

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Image Sync'ing All Your Gadgets?

eu_magnet_project_architecture.jpgResearchers recently completed work on a networking solution that will synchronize the myriad personal electronic devices (aka gadgets) people will use in the not-so-distant future. 

The group, called MAGNET Beyond, was composed of researchers from 35 companies who developed an architecture to harmonize devices such as laptops, telephones, MP3 players, games and a variety of sensors.

And why is this networking project called MAGNET Beyond?

No it's not a take-off on Bed, Bath and Beyond, but the name is an acronym for "My personal adaptive Global NET and beyond."


How many researchers does it take to come up with a good acronym?

Definitely not this group! Better luck with the technology.

More at ZDnet.

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