'iPhone' Phone Home: Apple Wants You

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'iPhone' Phone Home: Apple Wants You

 It's always fun to read AppleInsider for the latest news, buzz and rumors of what's going on inside the core of Apple Computer.

Well, it's not a surprise to many of us (I expect) to read today about Apple seeking the rights to the iPhone trademark. (Love to add this little symbol after the word ... ®)

(Thanks to ilounge.com -- formerly ipodlounge.com -- for the photo above.)

Does this suggest that Apple plans to use this term for its iPod cell phone? Duh ...

The September 15 filing, made with a Far Eastern trademark office, is the latest in "a long list of incontrovertible evidence to suggest the Cupertino, Calif.-based iPod maker is in the final developmental stages of the project."

Here's some excerpts from the report:

Apple describes iPhone as "handheld and mobile digital electronic devices for the sending and receiving of telephone calls, faxes, electronic mail, and other digital data; MP3 and other digital format audio players."

Under the primary but broad classification, Apple said iPhone may also consist of "electronic handheld units for the wireless receipt and/or transmission of data that enable the user to keep track of or manage personal information."

Similarly, it may include "software for the redirection of messages, Internet e-mail, and/or other data to one or more electronic handheld devices from a data store on or associated with a personal computer or a server; and software for the synchronization of data between a remote station or device and a fixed or remote station or device."

Of particular interest is a secondary classification of iPhone listed in the filing which pertains to a "stand alone video game machine," implying that the device may be compatible with the handful of arcade games recently introduced for Apple's fifth-generation video iPod players.

Sounds intriguing, doesn't it?

And the speculation continues ...

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