Kapanga Mobile Edition for mobiles and smart phones

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Kapanga Mobile Edition for mobiles and smart phones

KapangaToday Kapanga did the beta launch for Kapanga Mobile Edition. According to their release, a 30-day trial beta can be downloaded for free from Kapanga Softphone's website (http://www.kapanga.net). Once installed, Kapanga Mobile users can establish simultaneous voice and video communications through a software PBX or VoIP provider using the mobile device's 802.11 WiFI connection. Kapanga Mobile can also communicate directly to another SIP client device. Supported codecs include G.711, G.729 and AMR for voice and H.263, H.263+ and H.264 for video.

"We believe the future is in mobility", said Martin Cadirola, President/VP Business Development of Ecotronics Ventures LLC. "We are now launching a public beta after a year of successful field tests with large OEM clients. Our strategy is to become part of the family of solutions available to Fixed-Mobile Convergence (FMC) and Triple Play players in the VoIP industry and Kapanga Mobile will be one of our key offerings in 2007", he added.

Kapanga Mobile Beta on certain devices running Windows Mobile 5.0 (Smartphone and Pocket PC editions) namely, the Qtek 9100, Cingular 8125 and T-Mobile MDA among other smartphones, and the Dell Axim X51v Pocket PC PDA. Support for other devices is planned for 2007.

Seems like a pretty neat app. The H.264 video is pretty cool. I wonder if it interoperates with SightSpeed, which I believe also supports H.264. Maybe I'll ask Peter or Andy... I'd like to check Kapanga out myself whenever I find the time. Tis the Christmas Season for sure, the busiest time of year (as well as the happiest season of all).

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