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Krusell's on the Case

Mobile phone cases and PDA cases are big business. After you’ve dropped a few bucks on these gadgets, you need to protect them from scratches, drops and other potential end-of-life occurrences.

You may remember I’ve just moved from a Treo 600 to a Treo 650, but it seems that a lot companies that used to make cases for Palm products have dropped out of this space race.

After a lot research, I opted for a case from Krusell – the Horizontic with Multidap. Until a month ago, this was a company that (quite frankly) I had never heard of before. Let me tell you – this is one fine case. The Treo fits snugly into it, and it has both belt loops and clip for attaching it over your belt that really works quite nicely. (And I remember quite a few other cell phone holders with a belt clip that worked until you sat down and the phone went off on its own into another direction.) It looks good too.

Krusell is the patent holder of the unique Multidap carrying system, which allows the user to easily exchange different clips to the carrying case itself.  (Why different clips? How about a clip for mounting the phone in the car, on your bike, on your belt, etc.)

Krusell makes many other cases for many other products, too; the line spans cell phones, MP3 players, PDAs and digital cameras.

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