Landlines Going the Way of the Buggy Whip ...

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Landlines Going the Way of the Buggy Whip ...

via According to a report released last week by Nielsen, nearly one in five American households will not have a home phone line by the end of the year.

To many, I have a feeling that this is a surprising finding, but it shouldn't be.

Landline home telephones are quickly becoming an unnecessary expense. What can one do on a landline phone that they can't do with their cell phone?

It's a little bit like that essential tool of the horse-drawn carriage age -- the buggy whip. It used to be a big business, but don't think you will find too many of them today.

Now what is going to happen to all of those telephone poles and wires some day when everything goes wireless? It will be good that we won't be foresting new trees to turn into new poles, but what will become of all of the ones left standing? Will they become a ghost town-like image -- although one seeming to have no beginning and no end -- of a time gone by?

Good food for thought inspired by and article in Insurance & Technology.

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