MediaFLO: Let's Get It On

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MediaFLO: Let's Get It On

Amid all of the large broadcast equipment at last week's NAB Convention, Qualcomm had a large booth, but small equipment, to demonstrate its new MediaFLO System.

Called a comprehensive, end-to-end solution designed specifically to address the inherent challenges of efficiently and cost-effectively distributing mass volumes of high-quality mobile multimedia to wireless subscribers, the NAB demo has surprisingly simple. Touch an icon on your mobile phone to launch the application, view the 20-channel guide (much like the one provided by your cable TV company) and then select a channel. We watched ABC News live on the small phone screen just like we would have watched it on any larger screen. Looked good, worked fine -- what more could you want?

There's a lot of technology behind all of this to make it look so simple; the MediaFLO System is comprised of the MediaFLO Media Distribution System and FLO Technology to address the usability, network capacity, and device constraints typical of video delivery to a mobile handset.

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