Mig33 mobile VoIP app

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Mig33 mobile VoIP app

Mig33Mig33 is a mobile instant messaging application running on Java, which means it runs on over 250 mobile phones. It has mobile VoIP service, chat, chatrooms, SMS and instant messaging. Mig33 also works with MSN, Yahoo!, ICQ , AOL, and Google Talk. They claim over 9 million users even with their non-descriptive company name. Sounds like a Russian fighter jet to me.

Anyway, today Mig33 announced closing a Series B funding of $13.5 led by DCM with participation from existing Series A firms Accel, Redpoint and TVP. mig33 will use this round of funding to continue expansion of the company and growth of the mig33 global communication service in the U.S. and around the globe.

Since receiving Series A funding, mig33 relocated the entire company to the U.S. They claim their community has more than 2 million sessions per day, sends more than 45 million messages each day, and shares more than a million pictures a month. mig33 offers a mix of free and inexpensive services, including VoIP calls, instant messaging, e-mail, text messaging, picture sharing, social networking and community features.

To access it simply go to wap.mig33.com on your Java-enabled phone.

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