Mobile Phones to Go, Go Moto!

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Mobile Phones to Go, Go Moto!

Mobile phones to go, go Moto! Indeed!

Not to be outdone by the likes of other gadgets companies that hve gone the kiosk route, Motorola now plans to sell cell phones and accessories in vending machines.

Motorola has begun selling phones and accessories through "Instantmoto" vending machines at such well-trafficked locations as airports and department stores, including San Francisco International Airport and Macy's on State Street in Chicago. The first stage of the roll-out will be completed by November.

According to sources like the Associated Press, The Philadelphia Inquirer and Chicago Tribune, the machines will stock nearly 12 phones and 18 accessories.

While this is very interesting and makes it even easier to increase mobility, who will be the first company to put a cell phone in a cereal box?

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