Mobile SMS enables free VoIP phone calls

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Mobile SMS enables free VoIP phone calls

VoiceOne Communications, a wholly owned subsidiary of VoIP, Inc. announced today that it has added Text Messaging (Mobile SMS) functionality to its just-released beta version of Click4Me.Net. This enables a Web-click calling service that utilizes VoIP technology for free phone-to-phone calling. Click4Me.Net is available for testing on VoiceOne's Virtual Lab at -- an open forum for users to preview, test free of charge, and provide feedback on new IP communications services developed by VoiceOne.

You can connect to a registered Click4Me.Net member by texting "CALL + the member's username" to the Click4Me SMS address and the caller will be automatically connected to the Click4Me member of their choice, free of charge.

More importantly, registered Click4Me members can make free calls to any number by simply texting "CALL + telephone number" to the Click4Me SMS address. In addition, registered Click4Me.Net members also receive FREE 411 (Directory Assistance) from any cell phone by simply texting "CALL 411" or just "411" to the Click4Me SMS address. Similar to my Sprint 411 directory assistance (and probably most cell carriers these days), the information provided by Directory Assistance can be sent to the caller via SMS Text and saved for later reference.

Features for registered members of the service now include: SMS Text messaging to users, an online Inbox allowing people to leave messages for one another on the Click4Me.Net website, email and SMS text notifications of missed calls or new messages, and many more expanded and new features.

VoIP, Inc. CTO Shawn Lewis said, "Adding Text Messaging to Cick4Me.Net opens up numerous opportunities for Click4Me members and the people they communicate with.  With this new technology, Text Messaging is no longer limited to sending notes to other cell phone users but can be used to instantly make calls to people and services for free."

In addition to cell phone calls, Click4Me technology can be integrated into emails, web pages, web advertisements and more using an HTML call me button. Anyone who clicks a Click4Me hyperlink will be automatically connected by phone to the owner, free of charge.

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