Motorola Residential Seamless Mobility Gateway (RSG) enables VoIP-to-mobile roaming

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Motorola Residential Seamless Mobility Gateway (RSG) enables VoIP-to-mobile roaming

Motorola, claims that it "broke down the barrier between traditional home and wireless phone service." They are speaking of their new innovative Motorola Residential Seamless Mobility Gateway (RSG) lets consumers use the same mobile device -- and the same number -- as they roam in and out of their homes. The real takeway from this announcement is that this product takes WiFi-to-cellular handover control out of the hands of the carrier and into the hands of the consumer. TMCnet writer Robert Liu has some interesting insights on this news as well. One tidbit is he writes, "The announcement could breathe new life to dual-mode handsets market, which has been greatly hampered by the control that cellular network operators have exerted over the handover exchange process."

Here's the release Motorola put out today.

Creating an Innovative Home Communications Experience

The Motorola RSG family of products packs powerful communication features for your home. The product includes an 802.11b/g wireless access point, a four-port router, and a built-in Voice-over-IP adapter. This technology allows the RSG to run your home network, power standard telephones, and act as a hotspot for your mobile phone.

Further, the Motorola RSG can seamlessly transfer voice calls between the home wireless network (WLAN) and the cellular network without interrupting the call, when paired with a dual-mode handset (DMH) and connected to a network and service that supports this feature. Dual-mode handsets are mobile devices that can access both cellular and in-home wireless networks.

Motorola RSG products give consumers freedom for personal communications: The products eliminate the hassle of finding a good reception zone in the home, and of managing separate bills, individual calling plans, or "bonus" minutes. Consumers can simply dial a number, and the intelligence in the gateway will automatically route the call to the best available network or service option.

Motorola is showcasing the RSG series of products this week at the 2006 International CES trade show (Las Vegas, NV), Central Hall, Booth #8545.

Additional features of the Motorola RSG Series include:

-- Single-Number Access - Calls made from a dual-mode mobile handset in
the home enable consumers to reduce cellular bills.
-- Home Network Connectivity - Access your high-speed data connection from
anywhere in the home with an 802.11 b/g wireless access point and a
four-port wired router. For mobile voice calls, use your home wireless
network to compensate for cellular service "dead-spots" within the
-- Voice Prioritization - Ensure high-quality voice calls while accessing
the Internet.
-- Portability - Easily plugs into any broadband connection.
-- Rich Digital Phone Features - Caller ID, call waiting, three-way
calling, and call forwarding.
-- Multiple lines - Allows for a shared "family" number as well as
individual mobile and landline numbers.
-- Power Management - Optimizes the battery life of users' handset through
802.11e U-APSD, radio resource management, and 802.11k measurement
-- Advanced Security - Protect your voice calls and your data with 802.11i
security and pre-authentication, IPSEC/PPTP/L2TP NAT tunneling (for VPN
pass-through), storage for X.509 device certificate and operator public
key as well as mobile pairing.

There are two products in the Motorola RSG family: the RSG2500, expected availability Winter 2006, and the RSG3500, expected availability Summer 2006, which adds the ability to power two lines of primary VoIP telephone service within the home.

"Consumers today want the flexibility of a single number and handset that can be used both in and out of the home, and a solution that can bridge landline, cellular and digital phone services. This latest Motorola innovation breaks traditional concepts of personal communication without sacrificing ease of use or functionality," said Charles Dougherty, Motorola corporate vice president and general manager, Connected Home Solutions. "The Motorola RSG creates one integrated system for communicating in and out of the home, helping consumers realize the economical advantage of simplified billing and improved service."

Introducing an All-In-One Cable Modem Gateway

Motorola today also introduced the SVG2500 Wireless VoIP Cable Modem Gateway, an all-in-one home communications hub that integrates digital phone service and a wireless access point with a reliable Motorola cable modem. Soon, the SVG family will support the fixed-mobile convergence features of the RSG service mentioned above, offering service providers an integrated product for delivering 'quadruple play' offering of voice, video, data, and wireless services to customers.

The Motorola SVG2500 enables the simultaneous use of digital phone and high-speed data services, and also supports a variety of popular phone services including caller ID, call waiting, call forwarding, and more. The product's advanced routing features allow for multiple PCs to be connected without the need for a stand-alone hub or router - reducing both cost and clutter.
The SVG2500 is easy to set-up and use, featuring plug-and-play installation and an intuitive Web-based diagnostic function for quick troubleshooting. The product is expected to be available in Spring 2006.

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