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Movies from your phone

Fandango announced they will be rolling out an online and phone movie ticketing service in October. Fandango, will enable users of Web-enabled mobile phones and PDAs to access movie information and ticketing at Movie-goers can also text Fandango at short-code “FNDGO” (36346) for access to specific movie and theater information.
Future offerings will include location-based services, which will provide additional information (such as restaurant listings) to moviegoers based on their geography.

One other interesting application is that the mobile service will also provide "virtual movie tickets". It will display a barcode on your mobile wireless device which the movie theater employee will then scan to gain entry into the theater. I guess this means that the future of movie theaters will have no paper tickets.

While I'm sure this will save thousands of trees each year, do I really want to have to turn on my cell phone and get scanned again if I use the bathroom and then need to regain entry? What if I then forget to shut off my cell phone? Nothing more annoying than movie goers who forget to shut off their cell phones. There should be an unwritten rule that you can throw your entire bucket of popcorn and/or soda on this person (especially if they take the call) and the movie theater will give you a free refill and a coupon for one free movie for punishing the inconsiderate cell phone user..

According to Fandango, "The new Fandango mobile service was developed in association with wireless application developer Crisp Wireless using its mLogic Media mobile content delivery platform. Fandango’s mobile marketing services will allow studios and other marketers the ability to deliver mobile marketing campaigns and promotions to targeted, active moviegoers and allow them to measure the effectiveness of their campaigns through ticket purchases."

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