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Mundu IM iPhone Edition

Mundu iPhone Edition

Mundu iPhone EditionOk, so you got "Skype on" with your Apple iPhone (thanks to your truly) but no doubt you're looking for some IM lovin' on your iPhone that works with MSN, Yahoo, AIM, and Google Talk. After all, IM on the Apple iPhone is sorely lacking and SMS is so 2005.

Well, look no further my friends! Tuesday Mundu will officially launch Mundu IM iPhone Edition (beta) which interoperates with Yahoo, MSN, AIM, and Google Talk. I became aware of Mundu last week but was too busy to write about them.

I should mention that there is also FlickIM, which is optimized for the iPhone, but it only works with AOL's AIM service. Meebo is another web-based IM service which works with AIM, Yahoo Messenger, Google Talk, and MSN. It's drawback is that it was designed for large PC browsers not the iPhone's small screen. So IMing using Meebo is a bit difficult.

Mundu on the other hand was specifically designed and optimized to work with the Apple Safari web browser on the iPhone and allows you to view all of the various IM services through a single chat window using tabs as separators for your separate IM accounts. (As seen in the screenshot below.)

Interestingly, the Mundu IM iPhone Edition is "free" where as some of Mundu's other IM clients are $11. Probably a good idea to leverage the iPhone to build some "buzz" around their products. So offering it for free is a smart move.
Mundu iPhone Edition

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