New Treo 680 Smartphone for 'Mobile Accomplishers'

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New Treo 680 Smartphone for 'Mobile Accomplishers'

Here they are in all of their startling multi-colored glory -- the new Treo 680 from Palm.  The official launch was yesterday at DigitalLife in New York City.

The target audience was very clearly defined during the press conference -- people who are ready to move up to a full-featured mobile phone that includes everything needed to stay organized, aka "mobile accomplishers" rather than "mobile professionals." 

Palm is targeting new users in the rapidly growing smartphone and feature-phone markets, a market that will be 25% of all wireless handsets worldwide will be smartphones by 2011.

A GSM/GPRS/EDGE quad-band world phone, the 680 is slimmer and and more compact than older Treos, but still packs such features as email, web browsing, messaging, multimedia, calendar and contacts.

What's most noticeable about the new Treo is the absence of the antenna (no antenna!) -- besides the choice of colors: arctic, copper, crimson and graphite.

(They are trying to make my Treo 650 look corporate ...)

Here's what Palm president and CEO Ed Colligan had to say about it:

"The Treo 680 is the smartphone for everyone. It's small, sleek, fast and comes in a variety of fun colors. It's a great phone design, great for messaging and email and provides users easy and fast access to the Internet and to their favorite music and pictures, and makes it easy for people to manage and balance their business and personal lives while on the go."

If you want to know all of the details, click here for the Palm press release.


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