Nokia Siemens merger

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Nokia Siemens merger

Nokia based out of Finland and Germany's Siemens announced today plans to merge their telecommunication equipment divisions which would create the world's third-biggest equipment group worldwide.

Each company will hold exactly 50% of the new company called Nokia Siemens Networks. The merger still requires approval, but this is another trend towards reversing the phone company breakup (AT&T) and the formation of just a few monopolistic phone companies and phone manufacturers.  Kind of reminds me of the bad guy (T-1000, Robert Patrick) in Terminator 2 that was broken into a million pieces in the warehouse only to reform back to its original shape. Can't find that exact scene, but here's the famous Terminator 2 Helicoptor scene where the T-1000 reforms in the cockpit.

Terminator 2 Helicoptor scene

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