Panasonic integrates Bluetooth cellular and home phone line

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Panasonic integrates Bluetooth cellular and home phone line

panasonic-KX-TH111S.jpg Panasonic released at CES a new line up of devices developed by DSP Group. The HCS (Home communication system) provides the end user with voice, data and video conferencing connectivity in the residence while the KX-T111S and KX-T112S combine the best of both worlds by letting consumers still have the benefits of wireless calling, while still using their regular home phone line. The new models let you "link" up to five BlueTooth-enabled cellular devices with your home phone service. According to a DSP Group representative, "Result: the ability to take advantage of cost-saving "Free Nights and Weekends" rates offered by your wireless calling plan, while enjoying the drift-free reception offered by a standard phone line."

"Wireless calling lets you stay in touch anytime, anywhere, while a standard phone line
may afford the user better reception," says Frank Lasorsa, merchandising vice president
for Panasonic's Communications/Home Office Products Division. "With the introduction
of these new models, the best of wireless and home phone technologies come together
to form a truly innovative communications solution."

The KX-TH111S ($229.95) interacts with up to 8 compatible cordless handsets, links up to 5 compatible cell phones with BlueTooth Cellular Link, and also feature Talking Caller ID, dual keypads, and a handset speakerphone. The KX-TH112S ($249.95) has all the same features as the KX-TH111S but it also adds 2-line operation, 3-way conferencing, and answering machine with 60-minute record time with ability to record from cell phone.

Amazon has it for $98

You should also check out a whole bunch of other Bluetooth-enabled home phone systems. Amazon has a whole bunch of them.

I'll include a partial list here:

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