Single Texting Addicts - Meet Speed SMS Dating

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Single Texting Addicts - Meet Speed SMS Dating

Texting (SMS) is certainly popular, especially amongst the younger crowd. In fact, one teenaged girl sends more than 600 text messages in a day -- almost double what an average American sends/receives in a month. A 29-year-old man travelled from San Francisco to Green Bay to meet a woman he met via text message. It was love at first texting.

We've all heard of the term "speed dating", which allows you to meet many people on several mini-dates usually lasting from 3 to 8 minutes. Well, how bout speed SMS dating, where you meet other texters with common interests simply using your mobile phone and Bouncephone. Bouncephone is free (standard carrier texting rates apply) and it's accessible entirely from your mobile phone.

Here's how it works.
  1. Text the word Bounce to 99899 to create a keyword profile. Text in keywords to describe the person you want to meet (e.g., female hiking indie rock 917) and in a few minutes you'll be texting with your closest match.
  2. Bounce to someone new any time you want.
  3. As you meet people you like, add them to your friend list to send direct messages, follow status updates, and add them to Bounce Circles from your mobile phone. (You can set up Bounce Circles for events like concerts to text and meet up with other users who are there.)
Bouncephone is anonymous and safe -- phone numbers are encrypted and users only see screen names. So whatcha waitin' for? Nothing like burning through your allotment of free text messages to text with perfect strangers on the off-chance you might meet Mr. or Miss Right, right?

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