TerreStar Offers World's 1st Quad-band GSM & Tri-band WCDMA/HSPA smartphone

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TerreStar Offers World's 1st Quad-band GSM & Tri-band WCDMA/HSPA smartphone

TerreStar Corporation
(NASDAQ: TSTR) announced that TerreStar-1, the world's largest, most advanced commercial communications satellite, has been successfully placed into its assigned orbital slot in the geosynchronous arc and has successfully deployed its 18 meter 2GHz S Band reflector, the largest commercial satellite antenna ever deployed. TerreStar remarked "TerreStar-1 is now poised to deliver the voice, data and video services over TerreStar's all IP next-generation mobile broadband network that combines the power of TerreStar-1, an all-IP core network, and the latest in smartphone technology."

One of the first advanced smartphones the satellite is designed to handle is a new Windows Mobile designed with their partner Elektrobit (EB). The mobile device can handle all of the major wireless specs, including: Dual-band WCDMA (850 and 1900), TerreStar WCDMA HSDPA 2.2 GHz, and Quad-band GSM/EGPRS (850, 900, 1800 and 1900). What this means is that this is a worldwide phone -- and if their isn't a cellular tower in the vicinity, you can switch to a satellite connection.

According to TerreStar, "As a wholesale mobile voice, data and video service provider, TerreStar is planning to offer a reliable and secure satellite terrestrial mobile broadband network to homeland defense and public safety organizations, under-served communities, outdoor adventurers, machine-to-machine (M2M) communications providers, and to users interested in "anywhere" coverage throughout the Continental United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, US. Virgin Islands, Hawaii and Alaska. Through TerreStar's majority-owned subsidiary, TerreStar Networks Inc., and TerreStar Networks' partner, TerreStar Networks (Canada) Inc., TerreStar will provide integrated satellite and terrestrial communications components to enable true ubiquity and reliability anywhere in the United States and Canada to help solve the critical communications and business continuity challenges faced by government, emergency responders, enterprises and rural communities.

It's an interesting product, though certainly a "niche" product targeting executives, defense contractors, military, rural areas, etc. I like Windows Mobile, but the OS has stalled in development and has been surpassed by both the iPhone operating system and Google Android. Since I don't see Apple licensing their OS to a third-party phone anytime soon, I'd like to at least see a Google Android phone offered by TerreStar. Nevertheless, there is a large satellite userbase that has been stuck with large clunky satellite phones without smartphone capabilities. This device lets you have the best of both the cellular and satellite worlds along with smartphone applications all in a single pocketable device.

Check out the very good specifications:
- Bluetooth v2.0, Class 2
- WiFi 802.11b/g
- USB 2.0 Hi Speed supporting data modem, ¬firmware update, mass storage, ActiveSync

Physical interfaces
- Micro USB B-type (slave device)
- Stereo Wired headset (2.5mm)
- Satellite RF external connector
- MicroSD slot

Memory functions
- End user memory size 100MB
- Hot swappable microSD card support up to 2 GB
Service Applications
- CS and VoIP phone application
- Microsoft® Outlook Mobile for email & IM
- PowerPoint®), PDF reader
-Microsoft® Internet Explorer Mobile
- Customizable Today screen with Quick Launcher

- Windows Mobile Media Player
- Camera; 3.0-megapixel, Autofocus, Digital Zoom, Flash
- Camera snapshot format JPG
- Camcorder format H.263 simple pro¬le 0
- Image viewing formats;
- Video playback formats;
H.264, H.263, WMV
- Audio playback formats; MIDI, MP3, (e)
- Digital voice recording;
Multimedia performance
- Video playback;
30 fps with QVGA resolution
- Video recording;
15 fps with QVGA resolution

PIM applications, Contacts, Calendar, Tasks, Notepad

Power Management
- Battery capacity; 1400 mAh
- Talk time**; up to 3,5 - 5 hours GSM, up to 3 hours WCDMA, up to 1,3 hours Satellite
- Standby time**; up to 200 - 240 hours
GSM and WCDMA and 48 - 55 hours Satellite

- 4.7 inch x 2.5 inch x 0.8/0.6 inch (length x
width x thickness max/min)
- 118.8 mm x 64.8 mm x 19.25/16.25 mm
(length x width x thickness max/min)

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