Where's My Cell Phone?

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Where's My Cell Phone?

It's happened to be best of us - we misplaced our cell phone and after frantically looking for it we turn to our spouse/significant other and humbly ask, "Have you seen my cell phone?" or accusingly "What have you done with my cell phone? I had it right here!".

Now if your cell phone is on you can simply call it from your landline and hope you can track down the ringing (assuming you didn't leave it on vibrate). But what if you are like a number of people who have gone 100% wireless with no landline service? Well, you could use Skype if you have SkypeOut credits, but not everyone does.

So what to do? Well, head on over to www.wheresmycellphone.com and enter in your cell phone number and it will dial it for you for free. No doubt you'll hear your lost cell phone ringing in your pocket or the sofa seat cushions.

Now of course there is potential for abuse. You can enter in the cell number of a person you want to prank call and it will dial their number while protecting your anonymity. You could even write a script that hits this page multiple times to barrage your victim with countless calls. Perhaps even schedule the script to run at 3am. Ahh the fun to be had...

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