Will Ads Fill the Mobile Phone Screen?

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Will Ads Fill the Mobile Phone Screen?

Expect to see more and more "ad-monetized" mobile games, where advertisers wiil place display or video spots before or after users download popular casual games to their mobile phones.

According to a report in today's MediaPost, a company called Greystripe places pre- or post-roll ads next to casual video games that users can download onto their cell phones. Currently, the network has three major advertisers signed -- Zagat Survey, Modtones, and GPSHopper.

The interface is self-service, and advertisers who have signed up can access the ad-serving system using a Web-based service. According to eMarketer analyst James Belcher, the market for ads placed alongside games, both casual and major titles, is growing, as underscored by Microsoft's recent purchase of in-game advertising firm Massive.

Watch an ad and save a few bucks?

Maybe we can get the phone service for free, too?

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