Blogger plagiarism and sweet revenge

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Blogger plagiarism and sweet revenge

Today, the big story was about how Skype's protocol was cracked by a Chinese company. The blogosphere was all abuzz over the news. Most, but apparently not all the bloggers who jumped on this hot news, cited the original source of the story, namely VoIPWiki.

Apparently, Jan in Malaysia plagiarized VoIPWiki's post. Here's the link to the alleged plagarism. I won't hyperlink it since I don't want to be party to giving Google PageRank to an alleged plagarist.

I didn't see the original post by Jan in Malaysia, so I can't judge whether or not he cited VoIPWiki. I can say that Jan's article now at least does cite the original source, but whether or not that text was originally there I don't know. However, MakeYouGoHmm accidentally quoted Jan as the source of the story, which is probably what perturbed Charlie over at VoIPWiki. Charlie from VoIPWiki noticed and posted a comment on MakeYouGoHmm stating that Jan plagiarized his article and didn't include a trackback to the original source.

Whether or not Jan "pinged" VoIPWiki (to place a trackback) is probably irrelevant just as long as Jan cited the original source AND included a link to the source. The bottom of Jan's copy/paste job does include a link to VoIPWiki (Google PR is given), so he's somewhat covered. Although Jan probably should have put the copy/pasted stuff in blockquotes or only included a shorter excerpt. Also, he did state at the top of the article that it was a copy/paste job - "I am doing a total cut and paste job here. Read below. Very bold statements here below..." He should have listed the source here at the top since bloggers often quickly scan other blogs, not see the original source at the bottom and thus may misconstrue who wrote what.

It's also worth mentioning that Jan got a few trackbacks (more Google Juice) and was cited instead of VoIPWiki. Here's one example. Charlie also posted a comment there to have the reference fixed.

Here's the hilarious thing. Apparently, Jan not only copy/pasted the article, he also copied the link to the image hosted on VoIPWiki. That is, Jan was hotlinking to the image on VoIPWiki rather than copying the file to his local webserver. The original HTML image was clickable to a larger image. Well, Charlie apparently renamed his original image filename from "New Skype.jpg" to "New Skype1.jpg" and then replaced the original filename with this graphic below which now shows up in the middle of Jan's copied blog article! LOL!

OUCH!! That's cold. Nicely done Mr. VoIPWiki. Remind me to never piss you off!

Here's a screenshot of a portion of Jan's blog post in context just in case it goes offline:

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