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Movable Type

Movable Type vs. Wordpress War Heats up

June 6, 2007

A day after Movable Type announced that Movable Type 4.0 would be GPL open source, Movable Type has stopped their retreat from Wordpress and the battle lines have been redrawn. "Are you ready for a war!!!!"

Wordpress fans have been quick to attack Six Apart's latest move. Technosailor has a funny post titled Five Things Movable Type Learned from Bilbo Baggins, where he compares Movable Type with characters from the Tolkien Trilogy.

Mark Evans gives a nice synopsis of the history of Movable Type and ponders how MT lost its first-mover/early-mover advantage. Mark says, "In the tech world, all you need is one small, but crucial, mistake to find yourself going from the penthouse to the outhouse.

Movable Type 4.0

June 5, 2007

Movable Type just announced Movable Type 4.0 beta. The big news about this announcement is that Movable Type 4.0 will be open-source. TMC's blogs run on the Movable Type platform, so I am very excited over this news. First, a brief history lesson...

Blog Redesign

March 28, 2007

Doing a blog redesign was long overdue. I liked the Kubrick theme which was originally designed for Wordpress and which I ported it over to Movable Type, but I didn't the narrow main body content. This limited the size of images I could place within articles. So I decided to make my blog much wider, from 820 pixels to 998 pixels, which should perfectly fit a web browser at full screen (maximized) without having horizontal scroll-bars at the bottom.

LiveJournal meets VoIP via Gizmo Project

July 27, 2006

Andy had the goods yesterday on Sixapart's Live Journal and Gizmo Project in a deal that would enable one of the largest blogging community to be able to IM & VoIP each other. Well, today, it's official.

The co-branded “Gizmo Project for LJ Talk” software will enable LiveJournal friends to call each other for free, send instant messages and see each other's online presence (available, away or offline). Some nice features include free “Call me” and “IM” buttons on journal pages to initiate calls and instant messages from the web, as well as point and click “voice posts", which allows Gizmo Project for LJ Talk users to post audio recordings (podcasts) on their blog. The partnership also stated that Gizmo Project for LJ Talk users will be able to make low-cost PSTN calls in addition to buddy-to-buddy PC calling.

Blogger plagiarism and sweet revenge

July 14, 2006

Today, the big story was about how Skype's protocol was cracked by a Chinese company. The blogosphere was all abuzz over the news. Most, but apparently not all the bloggers who jumped on this hot news, cited the original source of the story, namely VoIPWiki.

Apparently, Jan in Malaysia plagiarized VoIPWiki's post. Here's the link to the alleged plagarism.

Internet Explorer 7 doesn't work with Movable Type

July 5, 2006

I'm usually a Firefox user but I do use Internet Explorer from time-to-time. I've been keeping up with the latest betas of Internet Explorer 7 and noticed that for some reason the Movable Type blogging interface doesn't work with IE 7. When publishing an entry it simply times out and the IE 7 browser gives this generic error:

Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage
Most likely causes:
You are not connected to the Internet.
The website is encountering problems.

Blog and You'll get Fired

June 13, 2006

Proofpoint's survey has some interesting statistics including that 38% of large companies hire staff to read employee email. The survey also has a lot of stats on blogging, including a statistic that states 7.1% of companies have fired an employee for violating blog or message board policies. Uh oh... I hope I don't get fired for posting Hooters girls on top of a red Dodge Viper. gets into blog search

June 5, 2006 introduced Blog & Feed Search, a new web search designed for searching blog posts, finding feeds and news published to the "blogosphere," while leveraging search technology and subscription data. I did a search on "voip blog" as well as "gadget blog" and this blog was listed as the #1 RSS feed. Sweet!

I can also see my blog posts from within When I roll the binoculars icon over one of the search results I can see a preview of the site without leaving the page.

Installing and Upgrading to Movable Type 3.2

April 11, 2006

I've spent the past two weeks installing and upgrading Movable Type on a test server before actual deployment. The pre-upgrade installation was Movable Type v2.661 and it ran on Windows IIS 6.0 with ActivePerl. The plans for the post-upgrade were Movable Type 3.2 running on Linux Fedore Core 4 or 5. I installed Fedora Core 5 beta on a Dell blade server, but had some issues which I believe to be related to the beta. So I went back to Fedora Core 4 and installed that instead.

Performancing for Firefox 1.1 released

January 24, 2006

A new version of Performancing for Firefox has just been released. The most notable new features are the Technorati tagging support and Delicious bookmark integration. Now that I can tag with Performancing for Firefox I'll have to re-evaluate whether or not to switch from my current WYSIWYG blogging software that I use (HTMLArea). Not being able to tag was a stumbling block for me.

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