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Movable Type 3.2

News worth sharing since I use Movable Type for my blog software. Six Apart, maker of award-winning Movable Type, TypePad and LiveJournal weblog software, publicly unveiled the forthcoming 3.2 version of Movable Type at the Blog Business Summit in San Francisco today. Ok, "forthcoming"? Not yet launched? Maybe I was premature in blogging about MovableType 3.2 - I thought this release was about it being launched. Ah well, still worth mentioning that MT 3.2 is coming soon.

After two days of sessions covering in-depth practical uses of blogs in business, Six Apart revealed to attendees several groundbreaking capabilities coming to what has already been called “the most powerful and customizable weblog publishing system available today.” [Wordpress users may beg to differ on this point]

“Any business that is executing on a blogging strategy must seriously consider Movable Type as its primary platform,” said Steve Broback, founder and host of the Blog Business Summit. “After seeing all the new features, Movable Type is becoming an even more remarkably compelling architecture.”

Now in its fourth year of development, the latest version of Movable Type includes over 100 new features and improvements and demonstrates why Movable Type is the most powerful, customizable, manageable and usable weblog platform for businesses available today. Anil Dash, vice president of Six Apart's Professional Network, and Jay Allen, product manager for Movable Type, demonstrated key new 3.2 features, including:

* Powerful weblog administrator tools. Manageability andsimplicity are addressed by a high-level overview of all the weblogs,entries, feedback, authors and plugins that the platform supports.

* Rich comment and TrackBack management tools. Powerfulspam prevention tools provide businesses with control and efficientmanagement of group and customer communication.

* A robustsearch-based interface. Context-aware search capabilities enable users to easily find (and optionally replace) information throughout the application.

* Dynamic blogging tools. Users can create and manage as many blogs as they need, whether it'sone per person in a workgroup, one per project in a company, or one permember of a family.

In addition, Six Apart is renowned for having the best support in the business and the expertise of the Six Apart Professional Network, a global community of thousands who offer consulting, customization, design, development, and integration on top of its platforms. As a result, a directory of hundreds of plugins is available to expand Movable Type's functionality.

The product is expected to be available for download on August 22, 2005, from Six Apart's website:

“The Blog Business Summit conferences assemble the most discerning audience of professional bloggers and business communicators in today's workplace, making it the perfect forum for the first public demonstration of Movable Type 3.2,” said Mena Trott, Six Apart's co-founder and president. “Passing the scrutiny of this audience is the true test of Movable Type's power.”

About Blog Business Summit
The Blog Business Summit is the gathering place for corporate and entrepreneurial bloggers to exchange information about how best to leverage the blogosphere to benefit their commercial ventures. For more information about the Blog Business Summit, visit the conference weblog at

About Six Apart
Six Apart Ltd., based in San Francisco, California, is the award-winning pioneer in weblog software and services. The company's Movable Type publishing platform and TypePad personal weblogging service power the world's premiere weblogs for both business and individual use, and its LiveJournal service is one of largest online communities organized around personal journals. Founded by husband and wife team Ben Trott and Mena G. Trott in 2002, Six Apart's sole focus is to create the tools that enable individuals, organizations, and corporations to use the web to communicate. For more information about Six Apart, TypePad, LiveJournal and Movable Type, visit the Six Apart corporate weblog at

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