Movable Type Outage

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Movable Type Outage

So I get Six Apart's Movable Type newsletter which talks about how they want the Movable Type community to help make Movable Type faster. After all, Movable Type is open source now, so what better opportunity than to ask the community for help making Movable Type faster, right? Interested, I decide to click through and lo & behold their website is down. Oh, the irony! No doubt Wordpress fans will seize upon this shortly to add to the Movable Type vs. Wordpress war.

Below is a snippet from the newsletter, which is interesting for MT fans, including myself. I'm just hoping the outage doesn't last long since I'd like to grab a copy of the code to try out.

MT: Faster and More Fiery!

Okay, so we're not setting Movable Type on fire. But the important news is, the Movable Type team is on fire, working to soup up your site with a bunch of new powers from performance enhancements to some exclusive new location-based features. Here's a peek at what's on tap, as well as a chance to show your support for MT.


We’re always on the lookout for ways to make the Movable Type platform better. And first among those improvements is pure performance. From publishing pages to leaving comments to managing your blog, there's no part of working with MT that wouldn't be better if it were a little more zippy.

So we've got the entire MT team -- all over the world -- focused 100% on making MT faster. And, even if you're not a coder, you can help out in the effort -- we've made an experimental version of MT that's got a performance monitoring system, the equivalent of hooking an athlete up to a bunch of medical sensors. The anonymous data that this custom version of Movable Type collects can be sent back to the team, so they can see exactly where improvements need to be made.

Want to find out how to get the code, how to share your data with the team, and what else we're doing about making MT zippy? Check out our post on the Movable Type Community blog.

A Movable Type Exclusive: Yahoo! Fire Eagle

From his first days working on Movable Type 1.0, our co-founder and CTO Ben Trott has always been interested in connecting the platform to cool web services, especially ones having to do with location. (Or, as geeks call it, geodata.)

So naturally, when our friends at Yahoo! launched their new service called Fire Eagle, which is all about connecting together applications that can use or provide location data, we knew exactly what Ben would be hacking on. As a result, Movable Type is the first and only blogging platform in the world to have an advanced plugin for connecting your blog to this exciting new service, provided directly from the person who first coded on the platform itself.

Best of all, this innovative new capability connects to the last exciting new feature we released for the platform, Movable Type's Action Streams. Action Streams collect all of your activities from the different web services you use around the web, and let you publish them easily on your site under your full control. And now every time your Fire Eagle location changes, you can share it with whomever you choose using the power of Action Streams.

To find out more about the Fire Eagle plugin for Movable Type, you can read about it from Ben Trott himself, get started by grabbing the free plugin for your Movable Type install, and make it even more powerful by combining it with the free Action Streams plugin. We can't wait to see what the creative minds in the Movable Type community do with all of these new capabilities.

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