Stupid XML Parser! RSS Feed not working

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Stupid XML Parser! RSS Feed not working

I modified my RSS template a few weeks ago and apparently I didn't include encode_xml="1"$> as part of one of the tags. Didn't realize it was needed at the time and my RSS feed was working just fine until two days ago.

Without this code, words in the blog title with with an ampersand (&) would cause the RSS feed to invalidate. I wrote about AT&T a couple of days ago and it needed to be encoded as AT&T and not AT&T.

Thus, if you haven't been getting my latest RSS feed for the past couple days now you know why.

I guess I need to subscribe to my own RSS feed just to make sure I don't mess anything up.

To quote Apollo Creed, "I'm dangerous..." (when it comes to messing around with my blog's configuration.)

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